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Dog Walking:

Dogs can become bored when not stimulated and this can lead to destructive behaviour around the home or excessive barking when left alone. These behaviours are normally the result of boredom or insufficient exercise. Exercise not only improves your dog’s well being, but also helps build muscle tone and prevents depression, obesity, joint problems, heart conditions and behavioural issues. I offer a safe, reliable dog walking service for owners who may be out at work all day or someone elderly that wants the companionship of a dog but finds walking difficult. I offer a flexible daily or occasional service to suit your needs. Walks can be tailored to your dog’s age and fitness requirements. My comprehensive insurance policy covers on or off lead walks depending on your preference and the dog’s ability to demonstrate a solid recall. I can walk your dog in very carefully chosen groups of up to three dogs for socialisation, fun and play or if required solo walks. When your dog is dropped off I will leave you a detailed note, give fresh water or food/treats depending on your instructions and ensure the dogs are settled and happy before I leave.

Puppy Visits:

Puppies require regular care during the working day, especially if you are out of the home for a long period. I can provide companionship and visits that can include toilet breaks, house or garden play and feeding. For puppies this early routine can evolve into a full walk as the dog gets older, stronger and is socialised.

Cat Sitting:

Cat sitting is the purr-fect alternative to catteries. Cats are creatures of habit and being independent prefer to stay at home and follow their normal routine. They have their own bed, familiar surroundings and regular human contact. I visit once or twice a day to see that all your cats’ needs are catered for. Having a professional pet-sitter visiting your home means added peace of mind and greater home security. Curtains can be opened and closed, lights turned on and off, post moved and bins put out. This gives your home a lived in look, which may deter unwanted attention.

Small Animal Care:

This service is also available for small pets such as rabbits, guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, birds and exotics. I can feed and clean according to your normal care routines. This option also has the added benefit of increasing home security with a professional pet sitter visiting your home daily.

House Sitting:

Generally, dogs are homebodies. They are healthiest and happiest when life is comfortable and straightforward. So, when you’re away the kindest and best arrangement is to leave them at home in their familiar environment following their normal routines. House Sitting with Scamps Petcare could be the solution. I can stay in your home and care for your pet/s in the manner and surroundings they are accustomed to. If you have multiple animals this option may work out cheaper and easier than organising separate care for each of them.

Pet Scanning:

Ultrasound scanning is a safe and stress free service for a bitch. This is done in the comfort of her home and only takes a few minutes for the whole visit.

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Pet Service

If you are looking for a dog walking service we will visit you at your home to meet you and your pet and to complete an assessment, we sometimes arrange a trial walk with the owner to ensure that both parties are happy.
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Dog Walking Service

Dogs are walked on their own or with a maximum of three other dogs with a suitable temperament. Dogs are kept on the lead at all times unless written permission has been given.

Walks are usually for an hour but are adapted to suit the dog's individual needs.
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Professional Pet Sitting Services

Are you going away on holiday or having to spend a few days away with work or visiting friends and relatives for the weekend? I can look after your pet in your own home while you are away.

A pet can often be unhappy when it is put into kennels or taken away for any length of time from its usual home environment. I offer care for pets that prefer to stay in their own home while you are away.
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